Airwall at ESRI User’s Conference

October 20, 2009

AirWall deputized future technology with great success using two installations in ESRI Hungarian User’s Conference in Budapest in 8th of October, 2009.

One of the AirWall was the tool for the keynote speach during plenary session provided by Mr. Attila Oláh, Managing Director of ESRI Magyarország Ltf. The other installation was for all participants to test how great feeling is navigating GIS content with touchless tecnology simply using the hand without any additional tool.
Using the special gesture controlled GIS application was defeloped together with ESRI and AirWall user can navigate worldwide on Earth touchless using on-line GIS database.

Here is a short video about the application.


Airwall serve Vodafone!

September 9, 2009

• Vodafone store in Aréna Plázában

The first AirWall @ Vodafone is practilcly used all the day by visitors. Here is a short complitaion of contents can be used there:

There was installed the first AirWall as store marketing tool for Vodafone in Aréna Pláza Budapest in 31st of August, 2009. Anyone can try and have fun with the installation placed in front of the store’s shopwindow. Visitors can play and if they are good enouch promotional present is waiting then in the store. Th following video show the essambpling of the installation.

• Vodafone HQ Entrance

There was a demo installation was set up in Vodafone HQ in May, 2009.  It was used for internal communication, here is a short video using the AirWall @ Vodafone: